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Company Profile


We deliver energy and health to your daily dining table with products made with love.

Now that traditional Japanese food is attracting attention from all over the world as a healthy food, "genuine taste" is being reconsidered. No unnatural colors or scents. Since its founding, Marukin Foods has believed that food that does not add excess fat is the "genuine taste".
Japanese food is the origin of food culture. Even as the times change and the world seeks new tastes, Marukin Foods' philosophy remains unwavering. Our wish is to create food that nurtures the mind and body. As long as food is for people, Marukin Foods will continue to be a “loving partner of taste”.
And we hope that "lovely taste" will be the source of your healthy body and healthy smile.

  • 納豆に白いものが付いていますが食べられますか?
  • 納豆のたれは他の料理に使えますか?
  • なぜ賞味期限が長いのですか?
  • こんにゃくは何からできているのですか?

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