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Recruitment information


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Application Requirements

Application Requirements

(It will be adopted as a general employee)


sales job

Visit supermarkets, etc. to create sales floors and conduct business negotiations

clerical work

Perform sales management, accounting work, order receiving/ordering work, welfare benefits, labor management, system management, etc.


Development position

manufacturing job

Planning new products and renewals, and publicizing commercial production and TV activities

In addition to research and development of new products, quality and product management at each factory

Each process of raw material processing, filling, packaging, shipping, machine maintenance, etc.


graduate school

college graduate

Junior college/vocational school graduate

179,700 yen

171,300 yen

161,900 yen

* Separate allowances such as sales allowance and development allowance are available

salary increase

Once a year depending on performance


Twice a year according to performance + year-end bonus (results distribution)

Work location

Kumamoto Prefecture and branches/sales offices (Kyushu/Hiroshima)

Working hours

8:00-17:00 in principle (staggered work hours depending on assignment)


Average 2 days per week (110 days per year), paid leave, special leave, etc.


Affinity activities...

Implementation of in-house recreation and assistance with various club activities

Award system...

Various awards are given to employees every year, and travel coupons are also provided according to the number of years of service

Affinity activities...

Annual health checkup, subsidies for full medical examinations and vaccination fees, company housing/rental, company housing, discount use of designated inns, asset accumulation savings, various social insurance, childcare and nursing care leave, short-time full-time employment system for childcare , retirement plan, etc.

Other details will be explained at the company information session.

Senior employee interview

Interview with senior employees

Q. About the atmosphere in the company

Q. Why did I choose Marukin Foods?

Q. Marukin Foods The satisfaction of being a manufacturing worker

Q. About the atmosphere of the workplace

Q. What is a Marukin food sales position?

Q.Have you joined Marukin Foods?

Q. About Marukin Foods


Contact information

Contact information

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding recruitment, please contact us via the recruitment reception form or by phone.

Reception hours: 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays)


Web inquiry

Click here for questions and inquiries about recruitment

*If you do not receive a reply within 2 days (excluding weekends) after sending the email, please contact us by phone.

*Your e-mail software will start up.

Inquiries by phone

When making inquiries, please check the number carefully before calling.

*Inquiries may be recorded in order to improve the quality of our response.

Reception hours: 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays)

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