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This is Tokoroten.

Tokoroten has a smooth texture, a refreshing transparency, and a firm texture.

Made with 100% rare domestic sugar beet, it features a translucent feel.

Our unique manufacturing method suppresses the unique seaweed smell of sugar beet, making it elegant and easy to eat.

What is Suisui?

In 1964, we started manufacturing Tokoroten for the first time, and in 1969, we released “Tokoroten Suisui”.

It has been 54 years since its release. As a Tokoroten brand that other companies do not have, it is loved by many customers.

By the way, the name Suisui was named because it is easy to eat.

Tokoroten Suisui at the time of its release (right photo)

1975Suisui's live broadcast at RKB Studio


Swiss three cup vinegar 210g

Comes with a special tokoroten tare sauce developed in-house. By using honey as a secret ingredient, it gives a faint aroma and richness, and finishes it with a sweet and sour mellow mouthfeel in a refreshing acidity.

Swiss mini three-cup vinegar 120g


Smooth black vinegar 210g

Originally developed "with black vinegar sauce". It brings out the deliciousness of tokoroten. It is not generally sold on the market, and you can only taste it with this product. Black vinegar contains various essential amino acids. You can expect "fatigue recovery", "beautiful skin" and "diet" effects.


Swiss green perilla 210g

Our self-developed non-oil aojiso dressing uses plum meat as a secret ingredient. You can eat deliciously until the end with the flavor of aojiso, which has an elegant and refreshing scent.


Swiss Kabosu 210g

Kabosu juice from Oita Prefecture is used for the non-oil kabosu dressing developed in-house. With a fresh and fragrant kabosu flavor, you can eat deliciously until the end.


Arranged recipe

How to eat various arrangement recipes
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