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The taste of Kyushu made by Kyushu people

"Genki Natto Kyushu Main Preparation" is full of attention to soybeans, sauces, and containers.


Soybeans are indispensable for making delicious natto.

We use soybeans cultivated using sustainable production methods that protect farmland, the natural environment, and farmers.

Amakatare, a salty-sweet soy sauce-based sauce, has been researched and created so that you can eat it every day without getting tired of it. After repeated research after the launch, in September 2022, the richness and deliciousness increased, and it was renewed to "Amakatare", which is even more loved. There are various theories as to why soy sauce in the Kyushu region is sweet, but during the Edo period when sugar was a valuable commodity, a large amount of sugar began to be produced in the Kyushu region, and it is said that ``using precious sugar is the best feast''. It is said that the reason for this is that sugar was added to soy sauce, which is the basis of the taste.

It is truly a “Taste of Kyushu made by Kyushu people”.

​Friendly life support declaration

“Yasemen” is konjac noodles with no carbohydrates that support a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, we are also particular about the container, adopting an “ECO lid” that is easy to open and has little waste, and a “rounded container” that is easy to hold and mix. Compared to general lids, the "ECO Lid" has reduced plastic consumption by approximately 56 tons annually, and a cumulative total of 1,250 tons since its launch.

customer's voice

Customer's Voice

I really like this natto. I ate a lot of things, but the softness and taste are delicious.

I eat it every morning and feel good. I live alone, so it's a little lonely to eat alone, but I'm eating the same natto as my family living far away, so I can do my best!

Since I was young, I decided to eat natto with Marukin. The texture of the beans is soft and feels very delicious.

When a friend in Tokyo came to visit me, I served Marukin natto, and he was deeply moved, saying, "It's delicious!"Marukin natto is the pride of Kyushu.

I love natto! Marukin natto is the best.The softness of the beans and the whiteness of the threadis different! If you don't eat one or more every day, you won't settle down.

I sent you an e-mail because the natto prepared in Kyushu was so delicious and had a wonderful texture. Good luck in the future! Thank you.

I love Kyushu-style natto!The lid is also vinyl, so it is eco-friendly.That's fine!

About sauce

I've been eating natto every day for a long time. Naka Marukin Foods'Sweet sauce is the most deliciousis.

After returning home from Aomori, where I got married, I was impressed by the taste, which was completely different from the natto with mustard that I had been eating there for 3 years!

When I eat honshikomi natto, my daughter tastes the sauce next to me.

* We have excerpted some of the voices of our customers.

Award history of the National Natto Appraisal


The National Natto Appraisal Committee is a review committee held by the National Federation of Natto Cooperative Associations aimed at improving natto manufacturing technology and quality. It is held every year as a contest to determine the best natto, a comprehensive nutritional food that Japan boasts to the world. Judges evaluated three items of natto: "appearance (appearance)", "fragrance", and "taste and texture". Each exhibiting natto is scored with an integer out of 5, and the best natto is awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award.   

National Natto Cooperative Union Chairman's Award

5th (1999)

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries General Food Bureau Director's Award

13th (2007)

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